Der LCN-TL6 ist ein Tastenumsetzer für GIRA SPS-Taster. Er ist vorgesehen zum Einsatz mit den LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS, LCN-UMR oder LCN-UPU Modulen. Damit können einfache Taster in das LCN-System eigebunden werden. Hilfreich gerade dort, wo es einfach sein soll. Zum Beispiel in öffentlichen Bereichen wie in Hotels oder als Bedienerschnittstelle für Personal und Kunden.

The museum of the Neuzelle Monastery in Brandenburg is actually an unusual LCN project. In it, LCN mainly controls light, but in a very complex form. Here, LCN shows its strengths through the different operating modes. The Berlin photographer Andreas Tauber has documented this installation very atmospheric.

(In German, but enjoy the pictures.)


The LCN-GVShome is a compact PC system, maintenance-free and with pre-installed Global Visualization LCN-GVS. Also licenses for modules, tableaus, event detectors and more are already included. Just enter the license key for the LCN-GVS, load the parameterization of the installation and your visualisation is online. Quick and easy. This eliminates the need to integrate third-party systems into your smart home solution, but the complete smart home technology comes from LCN.

The LCN-GVShome is the high-end visualization for lighting control with colors and dimming, automated shading and shutters, realizes value monitoring, data recorders and push messages. In addition, it enables comprehensive access control with person registration, controls and monitors additional multi-zone alarm systems. With the LCN-GVShome you experience visualization without compromise.