The LCN-DIH controls a complete DALI line with up to 64 DALI luminaires in 16 DALI groups from the Local Control Network. Connected to the I connection, 12 DALI groups with exact status messages can be addressed with the usual LCN commands, with individual DALI commands all 64 luminaires in 16 groups.


The LCN-PKE coupler establishes a connection with the LCN bus directly via Ethernet with RJ45 interface or via the LCN-PKE available WLAN interface. The LCN-PKE allows the use of the integrated PCHK software two simultaneous connections to the LCN bus, so that LCN-GVS and LCN-PRO parallel access to the bus.

The LCN-MT4 is a mechanical quadruple pushbutton in 55 mm format for direct connection to LCN modules via the I-port. It allows all control functions in the Local Control Network with a very good price/performance ratio.