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Now extended warranty for LCN

Five-year warranty: You can rely on LCN! The LCN hotline has always been particularly accommodating: LCN components are usually repaired free of charge – even beyond the warranty period. Because the LCN quality is particularly high, the assemblies are designed for a service life of more than 45 years: Made in Germany! In order to […]

Isolating amplifier LCN-IS2 now available in 2 TE

LCN-IS2 Trennverstärker für die Hutschiene Der LCN-IS2 ist der Nachfolger des LCN-IS, belegt nun nur noch zwei Teilungseinheiten und kann mit einem neuen Mehrbereichs-Netzteil mit 85 bis 265 Volt-Netzspannung betrieben werden. Damit werden LCN-Installationen in einer Verteilung noch  kompakter, durch das leistungsfähigere Netzteil noch flexibler. Mehr zum LCN-IS2 finden Sie hier!        


New produkt: LCN-SHD

LCN-SHD DALI control module and room controller The LCN-SHD is a control module for DALI ballasts with full LCN functionality. It controls as a full room with lighting, climate, heating and more.        

Software update LCN-GVS 4.5.1

Global visualization system LCN-GVS is the visualization for the user of the building. Now available as the current version 4.5.1. In this latest version, comprehensive commands for the control of light scenes, as well as DALI devices and the LCN glass pushbutton lighting have been integrated.

Projekt example: Museum of the Neuzelle Monastery

The museum of the Neuzelle Monastery in Brandenburg is actually an unusual LCN project. In it, LCN mainly controls light, but in a very complex form. Here, LCN shows its strengths through the different operating modes. The Berlin photographer Andreas Tauber has documented this installation very atmospheric. (In German, but enjoy the pictures.)