The LCN-SR6 is an intelligent six-fold relay module of the LCN bus system which does not require a separate LCN bus module. With its relays any consumers can be switched. The LCN-SR6 can be extended to eight relays with an LCN-R2H if required. As an independent bus module it has an I connection and a P connection. Thus the LCN-SR6 can be extended with additional relay blocks and LCN-BS4 current sensors. 

A new version of the Global Visualization LCN-GVS in version 4.8.2 is available for download. Main feature is support for new products like LCN-SHU.

Five-year warranty: You can rely on LCN! The LCN hotline has always been particularly accommodating: LCN components are usually repaired free of charge – even beyond the warranty period.

Because the LCN quality is particularly high, the assemblies are designed for a service life of more than 45 years: Made in Germany! In order to pass this advantage on to the LCN customer, we are extending the warranty immediately and retroactively to five years. Some purchased parts, such as LCN-WIH and -GVShome remain with the period of two years. Enjoy greater security – you won’t need it!




Trennverstärker für die Hutschiene

Der LCN-IS2 ist der Nachfolger des LCN-IS, belegt nun nur noch zwei Teilungseinheiten und kann mit einem neuen Mehrbereichs-Netzteil mit 85 bis 265 Volt-Netzspannung betrieben werden. Damit werden LCN-Installationen in einer Verteilung noch  kompakter, durch das leistungsfähigere Netzteil noch flexibler.

Mehr zum LCN-IS2 finden Sie hier!





With the new LCN-GVS version 4.7.0, sound systems from SONOS and Philips HUE luminaires can now also be controlled. Simply create macros for the functions and use them in the LCN-PRO, either on keys of the LCN-GT family or wherever you want to control outputs. Or in logical combinations for a gentle acoustic and visual alarm.

The new LCN-GT2T combines a Nearfield Communication (NFC) transponder reader for reading chip cards, a glass keypad with two sensor surfaces and an infrared receiver. The transponder is used for access identification, the buttons can be used to operate a door bell or switch on the light. All together in design and with the functionality of our LCN-GT series. Including Corona® light ring and in two sizes and three colours.

The LCN-HL4+ is a dimmer especially designed for constant voltage LEDs as used as LED strips. Compared to the previous version, it has not only shrunk from four to two TE, but now provides a total of 480 watts of power via its four outputs. And if more is needed, up to seven LCN-HL4+ can be operated on one bus module. It allows color selection not only via the RGB model, but also via HSB. More about this on the product page.


DALI control module and room controller

The LCN-SHD is a control module for DALI ballasts with full LCN functionality. It controls as a full room with lighting, climate, heating and more.





Not entirely new, but often overlooked anyway: For some time now, our two information terminals with display now have a bargraph display. This can not only be designed within very wide limits using parameterization, but can also obtain its up to two selected values from a large number of sources. Where only a tendency instead of a numerical value is needed, a fast and easily recognizable display.

The LCN-DIH controls a complete DALI line with up to 64 DALI luminaires in 16 DALI groups from the Local Control Network. Connected to the I connection, 12 DALI groups with exact status messages can be addressed with the usual LCN commands, with individual DALI commands all 64 luminaires in 16 groups.