The LCN-SR6 is an intelligent six-fold relay module of the LCN bus system which does not require a separate LCN bus module. With its relays any consumers can be switched. The LCN-SR6 can be extended to eight relays with an LCN-R2H if required. As an independent bus module it has an I connection and a P connection. Thus the LCN-SR6 can be extended with additional relay blocks and LCN-BS4 current sensors. 


DALI control module and room controller

The LCN-SHD is a control module for DALI ballasts with full LCN functionality. It controls as a full room with lighting, climate, heating and more.





Users are asking for installations with reduced electrosmog. To support this we created the LCN-UMR24.  It is not only designed for an operating voltage of 24 V AC, it has also T-Port and I-Port and all the same functions and features as its 230 V versions. Two relays act as switching actuator for 230 V AC. The main voltage circuit is complete separated from the relays. The ralays can also be controlled separately, so this module is a fine solution for motors and shutters with electronic locking.

The flush-mounted bus module LCN-UPP got a sibling: the brand new flush-mounted universal dimmer LCN-UPU. This dimmer now is not only able to control loads in phase-cut mode, but handles this in leading or trailing edge mode. The mode is selected by software, in the LCN-PRO, without direct access to the module.