With the new LCN-GVS version 4.7.0, sound systems from SONOS and Philips HUE luminaires can now also be controlled. Simply create macros for the functions and use them in the LCN-PRO, either on keys of the LCN-GT family or wherever you want to control outputs. Or in logical combinations for a gentle acoustic and visual alarm.

For the LCN-PRO as well as for the LCN-GVS new versions are available. Besides some corrections, the changes especially affect the DALI Type 8 capabilities of the LCN-SHD.


A new version of LCN-PRO is available for download as version 6.6.0. This supports the new LCN-MT4 keypad and also includes new module templates.

Version 6.5 of the parametrization software LCN-PRO is now released. It has mostly functional updates, additionally layouts for the glas keypad LCN-GT12. The installer is available from the download page in LCNService.

Also for the LCN-PRO a new software version ist available for download. Most prominent features of the new version are:

  • Used key tables are displayed in colour.
  • New keyboard layouts for LCN-GT6, -GT8, -GT12, can be routed to table B.

Global visualization system

LCN-GVS is the visualization for the user of the building. Now available as the current version 4.5.1.

In this latest version, comprehensive commands for the control of light scenes, as well as DALI devices and the LCN glass pushbutton lighting have been integrated.