The latest version of the LCN-PRO 6.8.10 software is now available.



For the LCN-PRO as well as for the LCN-GVS new versions are available. Besides some corrections, the changes especially affect the DALI Type 8 capabilities of the LCN-SHD.


A new version of LCN-PRO is available for download as version 6.6.0. This supports the new LCN-MT4 keypad and also includes new module templates.

Version 6.5 of the parametrization software LCN-PRO is now released. It has mostly functional updates, additionally layouts for the glas keypad LCN-GT12. The installer is available from the download page in LCNService.

Also for the LCN-PRO a new software version ist available for download. Most prominent features of the new version are:

  • Used key tables are displayed in colour.
  • New keyboard layouts for LCN-GT6, -GT8, -GT12, can be routed to table B.