The new version LCN-GVS 4.6.0 is released together with new versions of LCN-GVSapps. Here it is now possible to define the commands for voice control of the Local Control Network via Siri. Voice commands for the control can be individually defined. LCN now obeys its word.

Thanks to the hard and heroic work of a single colleague, our site is now also available for Spain and South America. In Spanish. Some things are unfortunately not available in this version, for example the blog and the press area, here we refer to the respective English version.


A new version of LCN-PRO is available for download as version 6.6.0. This supports the new LCN-MT4 keypad and also includes new module templates.

The LCN GT-Designer has also been extensively revised. Once it “fits” into our new site layout, the icons have been revised and some new icons have been added and bugs have been fixed. Don’t forget: Images can also be used for backgrounds and buttons by drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer. Simply drag the matching image over and realize your very own designs.

Not entirely new, but often overlooked anyway: For some time now, our two information terminals with display now have a bargraph display. This can not only be designed within very wide limits using parameterization, but can also obtain its up to two selected values from a large number of sources. Where only a tendency instead of a numerical value is needed, a fast and easily recognizable display.

Some readers complain that this site is much slower than the former That impression is correct. Behind this site is a very sophisticated and complex content management system that reads a lot of files and data from the server. Some browsers do not display the page until all data has arrived, others do so gradually. With a fast network connection this can be done quickly, with slower lines such as VDSL with 50 Mbit/s this can take a few seconds. We have started to optimize the site, compress large images and speed up loading processes. This is a labour-intensive measure, which unfortunately will take some time. But you may notice a better response over time. We’ll stay on it.

The LCN-DIH controls a complete DALI line with up to 64 DALI luminaires in 16 DALI groups from the Local Control Network. Connected to the I connection, 12 DALI groups with exact status messages can be addressed with the usual LCN commands, with individual DALI commands all 64 luminaires in 16 groups.


The LCN-PKE coupler establishes a connection with the LCN bus directly via Ethernet with RJ45 interface or via the LCN-PKE available WLAN interface. The LCN-PKE allows the use of the integrated PCHK software two simultaneous connections to the LCN bus, so that LCN-GVS and LCN-PRO parallel access to the bus.

The LCN-MT4 is a mechanical quadruple pushbutton in 55 mm format for direct connection to LCN modules via the I-port. It allows all control functions in the Local Control Network with a very good price/performance ratio.

Version 6.5 of the parametrization software LCN-PRO is now released. It has mostly functional updates, additionally layouts for the glas keypad LCN-GT12. The installer is available from the download page in LCNService.