Also for the LCN-PRO a new software version ist available for download. Most prominent features of the new version are:

  • Used key tables are displayed in colour.
  • New keyboard layouts for LCN-GT6, -GT8, -GT12, can be routed to table B.

Global visualization system

LCN-GVS is the visualization for the user of the building. Now available as the current version 4.5.1.

In this latest version, comprehensive commands for the control of light scenes, as well as DALI devices and the LCN glass pushbutton lighting have been integrated.

Der LCN-TL6 ist ein Tastenumsetzer für GIRA SPS-Taster. Er ist vorgesehen zum Einsatz mit den LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS, LCN-UMR oder LCN-UPU Modulen. Damit können einfache Taster in das LCN-System eigebunden werden. Hilfreich gerade dort, wo es einfach sein soll. Zum Beispiel in öffentlichen Bereichen wie in Hotels oder als Bedienerschnittstelle für Personal und Kunden.

Das Klostermuseum im brandenburgischen Neuzelle stellt eigentlich ein ungewöhnliches LCN-Projekt dar. Darin steuert LCN hauptsächlich Licht, aber das in einer sehr komplexen Form. Hier spielt LCN seine Stärken durch die unterschiedlichen Bedienarten aus. Der Berliner Fotograf Andreas Tauber hat diese Installation sehr stimmungsvoll dokumentiert.


The LCN-GVShome is a compact PC system, maintenance-free and with pre-installed Global Visualization LCN-GVS. Also licenses for modules, tableaus, event detectors and more are already included. Just enter the license key for the LCN-GVS, load the parameterization of the installation and your visualisation is online. Quick and easy. This eliminates the need to integrate third-party systems into your smart home solution, but the complete smart home technology comes from LCN.

The LCN-GVShome is the high-end visualization for lighting control with colors and dimming, automated shading and shutters, realizes value monitoring, data recorders and push messages. In addition, it enables comprehensive access control with person registration, controls and monitors additional multi-zone alarm systems. With the LCN-GVShome you experience visualization without compromise.

Even more informationen, a clearer structure and easier to use. Our new internet site is online now. With just a few clicks you will find general or more specific information, always not far away. Have a closer look.


The LED scale, also called bargraph, is an inexpensive alternative to displays and for most rooms absolutely sufficient. It can display the real room temperature and the wanted temperature in one step. This was specific for the LCN-GT12 in the past, but is now also available for the LCN-GT8.

The LCN-GT8 has six key sensors, an integrated temperature sensor and a T-Port. Additionally, the bargraph uses 15 LEDs for a rather exact display of a value. At the upper and the lower end of the bargraph two additional sensor keys are placed. These two keys can be used to adjust values, ideally to control temperatures manually, the upper key for “warmer”, the lower key for “colder”. There is no more intuitve way to set room temperatures. The bargraph may also be deactivated and the two keys can be used for other purposes for a total of eight keys. The labeling can be done with the GT Designer. The LCN-GT8 is also available as LCN-GTS8 without glas frame. For both versions colours are white, black and champagne.

Users are asking for installations with reduced electrosmog. To support this we created the LCN-UMR24.  It is not only designed for an operating voltage of 24 V AC, it has also T-Port and I-Port and all the same functions and features as its 230 V versions. Two relays act as switching actuator for 230 V AC. The main voltage circuit is complete separated from the relays. The ralays can also be controlled separately, so this module is a fine solution for motors and shutters with electronic locking.

The flush-mounted bus module LCN-UPP got a sibling: the brand new flush-mounted universal dimmer LCN-UPU. This dimmer now is not only able to control loads in phase-cut mode, but handles this in leading or trailing edge mode. The mode is selected by software, in the LCN-PRO, without direct access to the module.


Many sensors in one housing:

  • Motion detector
  • Light sensor
  • Humidity and dew point sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Receiver for LCN remote controls

Available in an elegant glas design, in white or chapagnes, optionally. The connection to the bus modules is made via the I-Port for up to 50 meters. Up to four LCN-GUS can be connected. This sensor requires LCN modules since firmware version 17.. and LCN-PRO version 6.21 or later.