A clean solution.

Saving money and protecting the environment. LCN reduces your energy requirements by up to 40%.

What today is a standard for most automobiles still seems to be a novelty in the field of electrical installation for buildings. Cars are designed for a maximum of efficiency. That is how it should be with buildings as well. A high performance with a low consumption – that is what it is all about. Thanks to the LCN system a similar potential in energy savings can be achieved for buildings of all kind. With its intelligent modules LCN ensures a pleasant climate as well as an efficient use of electricity, gas or oil – automatically and at any time.

The best thing about LCN is: You do not need to care about anything. The intelligent system operates on its own. The regulation of the energy saving options runs automatically and is adjusted to your individual wishes and requirements. As an example the system settings for different functions are getting changed if sensors or motion detectors recognize that there is currently no person inside the room. In this case the heating power is lowered down and the light is automatically switched off. It is also possible to reduce the heating power as soon as a window is opened. Thus energy saving becomes easily something quite ordinary.

  • Optimized heating control

    direct regulation of seperated radiators

  • Monitoring of temperature and air quality

    automatic opening and closing of windows

  • Daylight-dependent lighting

    for optimal use of daylight and artificial light

  • Control of presence by motion-detection

    Lighting and temperature regulation in dependence of presence

  • Passive night cooling

    automatic air exchange with temperature control