Just be comfortable.

Not to worry about anything and knowing that everything is still ok – this is comfort.

07:00 AM, time to get up. The bedroom light very gently dims up, the shutters rise a bit and the twittering of birds greets you from the automatically opened window. Heading to the bathroom very relaxed, you can open all the windows for ventilation with the mere touch of a button, raise all the shutters and send a signal to the coffee machine that you will be ready soon.

A brief glance at the info module or the visualisation reveals the current weather and makes the wardrobe selection easier.

Having finished breakfast, arrange to “depart the house” by again merely touching a button to automatically close all the windows and doors, deactivate several consumers and turn on the alarm system. Completely secure.

While on the go, your smartphone sends you a signal that a sensor in the garden has registered movement. A quick glance at the smartphone suffices to show that it is only the neighbour boy retrieving his football. Everything is okay.

Shortly before you finish work, your child informs you that he has forgotten his house key (also either a transponder or remote control) and is standing in front of the locked door. Even in this case, a quick click on the smartphone, tablet or PC very easily sees to it that the door opens and solves the problem before the tears begin flowing.

You arrive home after a long day at work. A sensor recognizes you and automatically opens the door. The air-conditioning or the heating starts up, and an individual light setting welcomes you.

Now everything is in place for relaxation. Whether it is a genial game night together with loved ones, a good book, calming music or an action-packed movie. The right atmosphere is taken care of with just the press of a button – of course!

A “home movie theatre” setting, for example, lowers the shutters and a screen with the touch of a button, dims the light and switches on the surround sound system.

The evening is over and the bed calls. With the final keystroke, either on the keypad on the wall or on the visualisation, you also say “Good night” to your house. You will calmly fall asleep with the feeling of absolute security knowing that everything is closed and switched off.

You enjoy a completely new “comfort” experience with LCN. You have (almost) no limits in the selection and scope of the possible functions.


    Fool proof control of all functions with keypads, visualisation, remote control or transponder


    Automatic recall of actions based on individual parameter settings


    Storage and calling up of pre-defined scenes (light, temperature, shade, etc.)


    Initiating several functions at the touch of a button (e.g. “central power-off” function)


    Weather-influenced control for temperature regulation as well as sun and rain protection


    Automatic powering off of end devices (e. g. iron, cooker, coffee machine)