LCN is  f l e  x   i  b l e .

LCN adapts to the user, and not vice versa.

Once installed, you will see nothing of LCN, as the modules disappear invisibly in the house installation. You can then control LCN flexibly and conveniently; Inside the house with the LCN-GT family’s glass-touch keypads or with your smartphone and tablet. Or even from anywhere in the world with the LCN-GVS visualisation via any web browser. You decide how to use your Smart Home.

LCN can be operated with many kinds of user interfaces. Either with the sensors of the GT family with up to twelve buttons, with a display as info keypad or without. With the integrated Corona® light ring, which serves as a night light, or with a temperature sensor for heating control, however, they can do even more. And if actually only a simple push button is needed, LCN of course can also use standard buttons.

LCN-GT glass-touch keypads

The up to twelve capacitive sensor surfaces behind a hard-glass front control your Smart Home not only with highest functionality, but also with a great design. With the models LCN-GT4D and LCN-GT10D, they even have an info keypad that lets you switch and dim, as well as monitor the light in the children’s room, the outside temperature or the status of your heating system. The Corona® light ring in the base of the LCN-GT glass keypads contrast them discreetly from the wall so that they can even be used as night light. The LCN-GT family is the finest way to communicate your wishes to your Smart Home.

LCN-GVS visualisation

Control and monitor your Smart Home at home and on the go with your smartphone or any web browser. With true-to-life pictures of your home or even simple keys. Look at the status of lights, motion detectors, or data recorders that store system values ​​such as temperatures or heating events. Events are not only alarming, they also intervene. If you want to see your home during holidays, then of course with an encrypted internet connection.

But the LCN-GVS is more than just a graphical interface. It implements time switches, manages calendars that control your Smart Home, and stores virtually any number of data for access control. The LCN-GVS is the icing on an LCN installation.

LCN-GVShome – Visualisation simple and convenient

The LCN-GVShome is a compact and maintenance-free PC system with pre-installed LCN-GVS visualisation software as well as licences for modules, tableaus, events and more. The user controls or monitors the LCN system through any web browser or mobile device. This means that the building automation is not only available from the domestic network, but is also available worldwide. The high-end visualisation LCN-GVS not only extends the LCN system to a user interface as in other systems. It also offers individual graphical design with tableaus, timers, calendar functions, event messages or SMS and push notifications on your smartphone. What is more, it stores access data for locking and securing systems in the building.

LCN follows the word

With Apple’s® intelligent Siri® voice control, the Smart Home with the Local Control Network (LCN) controls itself simply and from anywhere. This enables the Local Control Network to be operated via spoken commands on all iOS devices. As with Apple’s iPhones or iPads. What is controlled with which instructions is defined as commands in the LCN-GVS. Siri works as a voice interface and the instructions are executed as usual in the LCN-GVS. Everything defined in the LCN visualisation for voice control can be called by Siri. From the simple switching on and off or dimming of module outputs to the execution of complex LCN-GVS macros using the many powerful functions of the LCN-GVS.

Of course, it is also possible to use conventional buttons

Sometimes it should be simple. With conventional buttons that can simply switch or dim. Either in public areas, or wherever little functionality is enough. The LCN system can not only integrate conventional switches and push buttons, but also set some highlights here. Like the LCN-TU4C. Each of the four sensor keys represents a surface that can be glued behind wood, natural stone or tiles. The touch buttons are operated by simply touching the surface. It is as easy as that.