Feel really safe.

LCN offers you allround protection for your dearest and your values.

LCN offers a comprehensive alarm system with exterior skin protection (windows, doors), presence detection, innovative sensors and presence simulations up to multi-zone alarm systems to protect large properties. Depending on the individual configuration of your system, you lock all doors with just one button, switch off devices, drive roller shutters down and activate the alarm system.

Even more, LCN-GVS visualizes and controls your building on the go. The software will send you important information directly to your mobile phone.

Feeling safe gives you a higher quality of your life.

  • Access protection

    Personalized via transponder, fingerprint or remote control

  • Monitoring of windows and doors

    Permanent status control and notifications as well as automatic opening and closing in case of emergency.

  • Room monitoring by presence detector

    Presence check and monitoring for defined rooms and areas.

  • Worldwide control

    Global building control and monitoring with the LCN visualization system (LCN-GVS).

  • Alarms and notifications

    by email, as an SMS or as a push message

  • Alarm system and deterrence

    From time-controlled presence simulation to multi-zone alarm systems.