The Local Control Network in practise

LCN automates all functions in your home, from lighting over shutter control to admission control. You do not need specialized technical knowledge and there are no complicated user interfaces. The system is totally flexible and extendable.

Lighting control
Climate control
Admission control

Professional lighting control for all areas


The right light for the right place at the right time. Save energy and create individual comfort.

Lights off – spot on

In private homes lighting consumes about 8% of the used electric power*. Saving energy with lighting and the LCN system is possible by giving the lighting intelligence. The most energy will be saved by those fixtures that are switched off. Motion detectors in the LCN system will switch on light if somebody is near that area. When the person leaves the area the light will go down after a certain time. The LCN modules can dim conventional bulbs or LED systems. Especially in those areas where a lot of energy is being consumed. In large offices and in office towers, constant light regulation becomes popular. Then, not only heating becomes intelligent, but lighting as well.

* Source: EnergieAgentur.NRW 2013

Set your home into the right perspective

With LCN all lighting applications will be executed in the most ecological, economical and most functional way. Modular solutions allow partners manufacturing fixtures to create cost-effective ligting systems. Light designers and electricians can install the perfect configuration with the multi-functional modules.

The supported protocols 0-10 V, DMX512 and DALI make lighting control with LCN very flexible, from a single intelligent fixture to a more extensive lighting solution for buildings, also connected to emergency lights as an integrated solution. With LCN all this is possible. Especially when combined with motion or presence detection, LCN guarantees a new level of energy efficienca, security and comfort.

Simple lighting control with LCN (optionally with LCN-GT4D)

Only as much artificial light as necessary

Contant light regulation ensures that artificial light is only used as an addition to daylight in a room. Sensors detect the already available daylight, if persons are present in a room and other factors. LCN cares for the proper amount of light at defined places in this room with the right quantity of light that is necessary for the job. The fixtures are not running at full power at every moment.

In this way, unneccessary costs are avoided, energy consumption is reduced and optimal working conditions are made. Also glare is reduced, which can be as negative as too few light. Such regulations require complex control functions and processing of many values. The LCN system is prepared for such tasks by design.

Combined methods for a best results

LCN uses the combination of standardized technologies. This enables the complete integration into the LCN system and centralized control by a single system.

At the same place different very dirrerent lighting situations are desired over the day. While working in the kitchen cooler light at high intensity is needed. During dinner lighting will be reduced with more amount of red light. In the living room, while working at the desk, full lighting will be expected. An hour later, while watching television or talking with your guests, a completely different lighting situation is expected. So for a single room, there may be several different lighting conditions to fulfill.

Every LCN modula can save 100 lighting scenes. As all modules may communicate and exchange data, a single press of a button can recal lighting secenes for the complete house. Or only to the kitchen table. But LCN not only controls, but also reports. For example if the light in the children’s room is still on, late in the evening.

Especially in passage areas like halls, cellars and storage rooms light if often only needed for a short time. Presence and motion detectors register when persons enter an area or when they leave it, so the light will only be switched on for this time frame. This in not only convenient, but also increases safety. It is not uncommon to use both hands for carrying when entering a storage room. LCN cares for proper lighting, a switch is not necessary and LCN will also switch off the light after the person leaves the room. Without anybody stumbling because there was no hand free for turning on the light.

Sometimes only a little bit of light helps. For example when getting up in the night. Depending on time and daylight lamps in the hall or in the bathroom will only use a low level of intensity. The  Corona® light of the GT series can be used as night light. For elderly people or people with reduced mobility additional safety and comfort.

Save energy by temperature control

Climate control

Controlling the indoor climate means more than just regulate the heating system. It is also ventilation, shading or air quality.

Indoor climate is heating plus ventilation plus shading and more

We all know that opening the windows completely for airing while heating, or for hours with tilted windows, is not a good idea. At the same time, the various climate zones in a house, like bedroom, bath and living room, are not heated with best energy use. Temperature controlled heating with outdoor sensors was a first step but it does not respect conditions and needs inside the building. Building automation with the Local Control Network simplifies heating control by automation whilst including indoor and outdoor factors and the habits of the people living in this house.

Using the right sensors and actors can optimize energy use for heating. For this purpose heating control uses temperatures inside and outside the building as well as time and date depending parameters. For a living room in the night 18 °C are sufficient. The living room in the evening may have 21 or 22 °C. But it makes no sense to keep these temperatures if nobody is at home. So when leaving the house all temperatures are reduced. When the family returns in the afternoon or via remote control from the office the temperatures are set back to normal. And the sauna gets preheated in winter.

Intelligent heating with LCN

The LCN system includes many types of sensors for climate control. Starting from single temperature sensord like LCN-TS continuing to highly integrated sensor systems for presence, light, temperature and humidity like the LCN-GUS. The CO2 sensor LCN-CO2 detects the carbon dioxid share in the room air, the weather station LCN-WIH provides data about the outside environment. From all these data the optimal use of energy can be calculated, under best conditions, to use only the energy that is really needed. Without exact and reliable sensors this is not possible.

LCN can control heating at various places. It can control the heating unit directly, or at the radiator with the radiator valve in the rooms. Coupling the heating unit and LCN can happen with several protocols or with relais. At the radiators automatic valves like the LCN-AVN regulate the temperature in the rooms.

But intelligent heating is more than just regulating temperatures. With timers and sensors in the LCN system the rooms are only heated when people are in the building. Not in every room in the house the same heating is necessary. The bedroom should stay cooler, the bath room or the children’s room should be warmer than average. All these individual needs will be ideally satified by the distributed intelligence if the LCN system.

Even if unavoidable, airing is a major aspect of energy losses in a building. At the same time fresh air is essential for our well-being and also prevents the building from damage by mould. Especially in modern buildings with full heat isolation and isolation windows the controlled air exchange is very important. LCN is not only able to control today’s ventilation systems with heat exchangers, it also has all necessary sensors for carbon dioxid, humidity and temperatures. The regulation functions in the LCN modules provide simple and efficent functions here.

In terms of energy savings the first factors are heating and lighting. Since air conditioning is no luxury product anymore, even in private homes, energy savings are also relevant for cooling down rooms. In this case it is important to keep warmth outside in summer. For this reason LCN also controls blinds and shutters, shading systems for skylights and roof windows with the LCN-UMR, which was especially developed for motor applications.

Being secure is always a good feeling


Security for your home and your business is essential. LCN cares for more security without much effort.

Security requires intelligence

Alert systems raise security for buildings, even for a single flat. However, it needs sophisticated sensoring to prevent unallowed intrusion or vandalism. Using only some presense detectors is not sufficient, it needs much more intelligence to realize effective and reliable security functions.

The LCN system not only has the wide spectrum of sensors and detectors, it can also include much more detection systems, like magnetic contacts at windows and doors, glass breakage detectors for display cases and glass doors, or detectors for facades and capacitive detectors for people. In combination with the intelligent LCN modules diffrent alarm zones can be created inside and outside the building, to react in an adequate way to threats. So the postman at the frontdoor will not generate an alert, but persons approaching from the rear side will. All these functions can be programmed individually for the relevant object for the desired security needs.

More security by intelligent automation

Even the best alarm system should not stay unattended. Especially for the own feel about security it must be possible to see the current state in the building. The global visualisation system LCN-GVS allows to check the current situation from any place, using a web browser. It can be examined if presence detectors reported activities, if all lights are switched off or if other sensors reacted. You can also send commands like closing the shutters of switching lights.

With its graphical user interface the LCN-GVS is not a tools for specialists or engineers, but a tool for everybody and for every day. How the graphics are created, the owner decides in cooperation with the electrician, with detailed images of the building or only with some labeled buttons. The most simple way is using the LCN-GVS app for smartphones, which again optimizes the data exchange over the network.

Just for your private home a maximum of security is desired, who enters the house and when. With LCN a steady admission control can be realized, where persons can identify with RFID transponders and chips, car keys and, for the highest security level, with their finger print, with the LCN-GFPS. Access to the building can not only be granted or denied, it can also be limited by time and place. With electric door locks admission control in various levels is possible, depending on the person and on time. If an RFIG card gets lost, the card will be deleted from the access list, with the LCN-GVS also from remote.

Even more important is access control for commercial properties. With the LCN-GVS a nearly unlimited number of access profiles can be created and stored, even for difernet buildings. So an ID card can be used for all plants of a company. Different user groups allow different functions, so the human resource department may create new ID cards, but they do not have access to heating or shading. All data and events cn be logged, for later control who and when the building was entered.

The best protection against intrusion is the impression that there is somebody in the house. The most common threat for private homes are staying gangs, which do not observe a building systematically. In those cases an attendence simulation may prevent burglary and raise security. With sensors like the LCN-GUS the shutters can be closed after sunset, and can be opened only after sunrise again. Changing weather may influence opening and closing times of shutters and blinds. In the morning the timers in the LCN-GV control opening them again.

In addition the LCN automation switches lights on and off in the evening or during the nicht. The attendence simulation will become even more perfect if switch lights in an randomly manner. The timers in the LCN-GVS can have different switching times for every day of the week. Not every intrusion can be avoided this way, but most burglers do not like buildings with people inside.

If now something really happened and somebody intruded the house, or the lower level gets flooded due to a broken hose of the washing maschine, actions should take place as fast as possible. With a pre-alarm a burglary could possibly be avoided. In this case the LCN system can send messages to the LCN smartphone app or as email and SMS. This information can also be routed to other instances like neighbours or relatives near by.

Compared to other building automation systems LCN stands out by being able to automate a single flat or a huge commercial object. This requires that several installations can be maintained by one user. LCN-GVS realizes this by design, also helps the private user. Push messages are an ideal tool to inform about about certain conditions, if a burglary happened or the heating system failed.

Threats for a building are not only burglars or vandals. Even the weather can cause harm to a building, either by heat, strong rain or storms. A tilted window and heavy rain can cause a lot of trouble, in the simplest case. Weather stations like the LCN-WIH measure wind speed, rain and outside temperature. Opened sunblinds or outside blinds can be damaged by striong wind. At storms, outside shutters should be closed to avoid glass breakage due to broken tree branches. The LCN system gets informed about this strange weather conditions and will take actions to protect the building.

The LCN-WIH even provides additional information like external light intensity and GPS data. From the GPS data LCN will calculate solar altitude, sunset and sunrise time, sensors signal temperature and brightness. Before the building may heaten up, shading is activated. In winter, the LCN system will prevent frost damages by dedicated heating of the critical areas in a building. Weather-controlled automation provides even more protection for a building.

Many security threats are caused by inattension and missing care. With automated security momentary influences are reduced, like the waiting taxi or the missed customer meeting. An Out-of-House key at the door on a LCN-GT6 closes all windows, switches off all lights and the sockets in the kitchen and the alarm mode will be activated. The rooms are monitored by motion and presence detectors, the same for windows with magnetic contacts and breakage detectors.

If the alarm mode continues for a longer time, the attendence simulation gets activated, the heating will be reduced and shutters will close automatically. Even when forgetting to press the Out-of-House, LCN will notice that there are no activities aince a longer time, and will activate the alarm mode. In this way, LCN cares for your house and home, even if you forget to tell.

Worldwide control over your building


Visualisation provides not only a comfortable control of the LCN system, but also extended functionality.

At home from any place

LCN-GVS is the global visualisation software to control and operate as many LCN installations as wanted. It can be used in small configurations and also for huge worldwide distributed estates. Per Intenet an unlimited number of stations can operate with a web browser. A comprehensive access control system grants every user or user groups idividual permission and control.

The LCN-GVS also extends the functionality of an LCN installation. It complements the system with global timers, admission control for an unlimited number of persons as well as calendar functions and mecros for a simplified programming.

System independent using a web browser

As access point for an LCN installation serves a PC with Microsoft® Windows®, which runs the LCN-GVS und is connected with the LCN bus. The PC is also connected to the local network, in this way it can be accessed locally and, if necessary, from remote. The external connetion can be encrypted and is only accessible with individual login data. Every web browser, if on a smartphone, tablet computer or even on a gaming console, can be used to control or monitor the installation.

In the visualisation so-called tableaus are created, graphical user interfaces with unlimited number of details on which sensors, switches or fixtures are placed. So LCN can not only be operated, but also maintained. It is visible when sensors or detectors get activated or temperatures can be displayed. The LCN system with its four-level command and reporting system always shows the effective state of the installation, not the expected state.

Additional functions of the LCN-GVS are:

  • Global calendars enable or disable functions and features, for example as holiday calendar in schools when heating and lighting stay switched off.
  • Timers execute commands related to time and date, they can be adjusted from the graphical user interface.
  • Admission control with transonders can be maintained and distributed. A transponder card or fingerprint data can be created in Hamburg and can be used in Spain. This includes when and how long admission is granted.
  • Macros simplify programming.

In a private home the visualisation raises comfort and security. All functions can be used from remote, for example to adjust the heating while still on the way from the office home. The use of the installation gets much easier, as different functional areas can be placed in diefferent tableaus.


  • Control your home with smartphone, tablet computer or PC.
  • Control your home with a web browser or with an app, from any place in the world.
  • Use event reporting with push messages directly to your smartphone or email and SMS. Stay informed about open windows, a failing heating system or weather conditions.
  • Control light in colour or colour temperature with lighting scenes or with an HSB colour picker.
  • Video-based control, even when you are not at home.
  • Centralized functions: switch off power loads or close windows with a single press of a button.

In industrial and commercial areas efficiency and security play an important role. Down-times should be minimized, properties must be protected and functions will be automated.


  • Central management of all company buildings: monitor energy use, control climate function, realize alert functions.
  • Control all buildings from a single tableau.
  • Company-wide admission control, centralized management of access permissions, depending on time and date.
  • Admission or access control with fingerprint data, centralized management of biometric data and transonder codes.
  • Integrate visualisation into the building management via Modbus, OPC and BACNet.
  • Monitor protection elements like fuses or fire alert systems.
  • Control windows or lighting in groups.

If townhall, gymnasium or school, with LCN-GVS even many properties can be managed easy and comfortable. Enterprises with different plants or branches will profit from it. Including new plants is quick and easy.


  • Control conference rooms including lighting scenes, projection screens and audio.
  • Visualise consumed energy or used resources like water, electricity or gas.
  • Central control for all buildings by caretaker or building management.
  • Process data from working time after exort to a CSV file.
  • Individual management of actuation time with calendar functions in schools or areas with changing usage.
  • Individual management of access permissions for user groups, not only on tableaus but also for single functions, to be on, off or invisible.

As an open bus system LCN allows coupling to nearly any other system So a supervisory control system can access the LCN bus. With separate licence keys many additional interfaces can be realized:

  • Timer functions
  • Event reporting via push message, email or SMS.
  • Admission control.
  • Interfaces with external systems (BACnet, Modbus, OPC)
  • High performance with low costs by modular pricing.

LCN-GVS was developed by the ISSENDORFF KG in-house and offers high performance and flexibility.

Access and admission control

Admission control

Admission control is a result of many measures, providing security and protecting your business.

Who can do what and when

Admission control is a key factor in your private home, in your company it is vital, when expensive goods and equipment has to be protected against theft and damage. Even further, security measures protect your intellectual property, data and hazardous substances.

Admission control can not be realized with just some keys. It has to be taken into account that access rights must be defined in fine steps. The human resources department may create ID cards for new employees, but they have no access to the heating system. The catetaker for a private home may enter the garage and the cellar, the cleaning personal only the main building. An LCN installation can fulfill all these requirements with its intelligent modules and its visualisation without problems.

Protecting your porperties demands automation

The fingerprint sensor LCN-GFPS uses the biometric data of a finger tip for identification. After scanning the fingerprint in a small window it calculates unique characteristics for a transponder code that identifies the user. Admission and access control with biometric data offers secure access, as ID cards or keys may get lost.


  • Admission control with central management of biometric data.
  • Identification via fingerprint with fake finger detection
  • Up to 1,000 identification can be stored.
  • LED display and Corona® light.
  • GT series design
  • Execution by LCN module or LCN-GVS

The LCN-ULT is an universal transponder interface for indoor and outdoor installation. It reads not only LCN transponder cards but also passive transponder types and nearly all car keys. The usual key for the front door gets redundant. You car key is enough to get access admission for properties and buildings.


  • Admission control with car keys, transponder cards and common transponder types.
  • Installation on flush-mounted box.
  • Avaibale in white
  • Weather-proof.
  • Execution by any LCN module or LCN-GVS.

The LCN-RT is a multi-functional infrared remote control. It incorpates four keys for up to 16 functions to recall, for a distance of up to ten meters. The LCN-RT have unique serial numbers and can be programmed individually for any person.  As every key press sends this information, the use of the LCN-RT can be logged.


  • Controls lighting, shutters, blinds or heating.
  • Admission control as IR remote control.
  • Individual access control.
  • Four key commands (SHORT, LONG and RELEASE plus SHIFT)

The LCN-GVS is a central part of a company-wide admission control. It manages not only an unlimited number of access codes but also for all plants and branches of an enterprise. For specific user groups well defined access rights can be created and maintained, giving the user specific allowence to use use functions and features they need. Like access to admission permissions, infratstructure data or admission to buildings. If needed, for defines time frame or until a certain date, like for trainees or apprentices.

The LCN visualisation and its admission control is also helpful in private applications, especially for detached buildings, holiday cottages or just for comfort. With the transponders of the LCN system many car keys can be used for identification. Lost keys from a central lock system are expensive and a security risk. A lost transponder card can be deaktivated with just a few clicks and will cost some Euros.