Das System

Why LCN?

Because LCN gives you huge benefits

Building automation in perfection

LCN is very easy to install as it requires no dedicated wiring. Only one unused wire in your house wiring is needed. Also the parametrization is very straightforward and can be used by persons who only do it from time to time. As the software supports you, even while troubleshooting, you will save time and costs in the construction site. You can read back the complete installation with a single press of a button.

One of the most powerful bus systems worldwide

With 1,000 to 10,000 telegrams per second in the upper bus layer and 100 telegrams in the lower LCN is in the vanguard of transmission performance, compared to other installation buses.

LCN does not require dedicated wiring

For the installation of LCN no changes or reconstructions for the house wiring are necessary. LCN uses a free wire in the existing installation. This saves time, costs and additional efforts.

Comprehensive monitoring

As the only system LCN has a four-layer receipt and reporting system. This enables the complete monitoring of all states and events, even in very huge buildings. Additionally, processing messages will help the electrician to do his work fast and effiently.

LCN can be read back completely

Even after many years an LCN system is easy to extend or maintain, also if the project files are lost. As the complete parametrization is saved in the installation it can be read back in a few minutes.

LCN provides an inexpensive entry

The possible installation of LCN in an existing  infrastructure makes it less expensive compared to other systems. More aspects for a brilliant price/costs ratio are the simple maintenance, the wide functionality and the interference immunity of the modules.

LCN offers a huge spectrum of functions

LCN provides an unrivalled number of functions per module. From lighting oder shading control to access control. With two regulators, four times four threshold values received from twelve measurements, LCN has a superior position in indoor climate steering. With these manfold options LCN adapts itself to the buiding and the demands of the ownder. And this with a simple planning.

LCN is an open and extendable system

As an open bus system LCN allows connections to many other systems via various interfaces, like BACnet®, Modbus®, OPC, BMA Bosch, IOS, IP-Symcon,Tobit, EnOcean® etc. The connection is not only a functional extension but it enhances both systems.

Parametrization without databases and system changes

LCN is easy to parametrize. Comprehensive help functions make it easy to create even very complex configurations. Single projects can be saved a templates and reused in new installations via drag-and-drop. The LCN-PRO software knows all LCN modules since 1996 and allows only functions that these modules support. A simple and uniform tool for all buildings.

Worldwide building automation with LCN-GVS

The global visualisation system LCN-GVS allows access to all states and functions of a building from any place of the world. The software is installed on a Windows PC and can be accessed with any web browser on smartphones or tablet computers. At any time. From any place.

With LCN all these functions can be realized:

  • Saving of energy by temperature control
  • Indoor lighting depending on exterior light
  • Save and recall lighting scenes
  • Sun protection: automatic control of shading and shutters
  • Execute control depending on time and date
  • Time-recording systems, access control systems
  • Room protection
  • Process and display alarms according to DIN regulations
  • Change all programming at any time