LCN product portfolio

Bus modules

The foundation of an LCN installation is the bus module. It maintains the communication with the underlying bus, extracts data from sensors and controls actors. Most modules are combined actors and sensors and have a built-in power supply.


LCN couplers are used when LCN has to communicate in another protocol or with another transmission medium. The LCN-PKU for example makes the connection between the LCN bus and a PC system.


LCN digital inputs handle permanent contacts like reed  relays, switches, timers, door and window contacts, presence and motion sensors etc. Every input recognizes open and closed contacts, one independert from another.


LCN modules can be extended witch additional switched outputs or actors. In this way every module adapts to required functionality.


With the sensor keypads of the GT series elegant user interfaces with high functionality are offered. The capacitive sensors can be configured freely, status LEDs inform about the state of LCN elements.

Remote control

With the LCN infrared remote controls all keypad functions can be triggered, like SHORT, LONG and RELEASE. Two infrared transmitters are available, the small LCN-RT with four keys, and the LCN-RT16 mit extended range.


With LCN very functional and sophisticated sensors are available, for temperatures, presence, carbon dioxid or humidity. Sensors are very easy to use in LCN.


Transponders are used in admission control systems to identify persons or for touchless operation of the system.


For parametrization of an LCN system is the software LCN-PRO used, for visualisation LCN-GVS. Control and monitor LCN installtions locally or via the Internet.

Weather stations

Weather stations provide data like rain, brightness, temperature and wind speed. Available with or without integrated bus module.


Helpful or neccessary accessories like power supplies or adapters.


State-of-the-art technology, featured design.

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