Segment coupler for the top-hat rail


The LCN-SKU segment coupler is a coupling module of the LCN bus system for connecting 2 to 120 LCN segments. It also offers the option of coupling a PC directly to the segment bus and the local LCN bus via a USB connection. The LCN-SKU is an intelligent LCN bus module and has a processor with an intermediate buffer that ensures loss-free data transmission.

The LCN segment coupler must be installed and connected in accordance with the guidelines for CAT5 cables. The cable must be stripped to a maximum of 2 cm and the twisting of the wires must only be broken up as far as necessary. The range depends on the transmission rate and the number of segment couplers. It makes sense to connect the LCN-SKU module to the safety power supply. The free wires of the segment bus line must not be used for external potentials and the internal operating program can be freely parameterized using the LCN system software LCN-PRO. The LCN-SKU can be combined with the predecessor LCN-SK.

Fields of application:

The LCN-SKU is used in large systems for coupling several LCN buses together.

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Segment coupler with USB connection