Pushbutton for gesture control including Corona® light in white or black


The LCN-GG1 is a gesture button in a noble design with a high-quality glass surface and pleasant backlighting.

With simple hand gestures, the LCN-GG1 can be used to control lighting, ventilation or temperature, as well as numerous other devices. The panel itself is not touched in the process. During operation, the sensors in the panel detect the user’s hand movements and translate them into commands to control outputs or trigger complex functions.

Up to six gestures can be defined per button. Each gesture can control an output or a combination of outputs. The desired gesture can be selected by swiping sideways in front of the button. In the center is a “dice display” that shows the currently selected gesture. For example, circular finger movements in front of the cube display can be used to adjust the light brighter (clockwise) or darker (counterclockwise). The outer circle shows the current brightness.

In addition, the LCN-GG1 offers a Corona® light ring with white LEDs for indirect wall lighting that is easy on the eyes. This allows the gesture scanner to be operated comfortably even in low ambient light.

The pushbutton is mounted on a flush-mounted box using the supplied mounting plate. The connection is made via the I-port of any LCN module from version 1E0706.


  • Size: 110 mm x 110 mm
  • Colors: White and black

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-GG1 is intended for mounting in dry indoor spaces
  • It can be used for all switching, regulation and control tasks in the LCN bus.
  • The non-contact operation makes it suitable for high hygiene requirements
  • It is particularly suitable for design-oriented users with the highest demands on function and comfort.


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