With the Windows® program LCN-PRO the LCN system gets parametrized. This defines how modules or other parts of the sytstem react to the external world, which commands and functions are expected and how user terminals are configured.

LCN-PRO allows the parametrization of all functions of an LCN system. LCN-PRO can either be used in offline mode, to create the programming for the system before installation, or in online mode, even over the Internet, to transfer all changes to the modules. LCN-PRO is very efficient and compact. LCN-PRO works with all LCN modules since 1996 and offers functions depending on the module types and versions.

LCN-PRO requires a Microsoft® Windows® PC with at least four megabytes main memory and some megabytes of available disk space. At least one free USB 2.0 port is needed for connection to the LCB bus via the LCN-PKU. LCN-PRO does not use external DLLs, does not change external directories and does not change the Windows registry. It runs on all OS versions since Windows. 7.

No, LCN-PRO is paid software. However, it has only a very limited copy protection to to make its use as simple as possible. We just ask our users to be honest and electricians should not pass to software to other people. The LCN modules keep information with which software licence they were programmed.

LCN-PRO requires no programming knowledge or how to write computer programs. You only need a basic understanding how to use Windows programs. What is necessary is a basic knowledge about the LCN system, which can be acquired in the LCN trainings.

With parametrization you define for the modules, how functions should be executed, what external events and conditions will cause results and in which way the functions are executed. For example you define to which brightness fixtures are set and how the dimming curve looks like. Additionally, LCN modules have regulation functions, they can execute arithmetic and logical calculations, they can read values from other values or they can send commands to other modules. All in all, the LCN system has comprehensive functionality, but is at the same time very easy to use, even for beginners. Later more and complex functions can be worked out. Putting elements like modules or sensors together in groups make programming more effective and efficient.

LCN saves the complete parametrization in the system. Even namings and comments for inputs and outputs are transferred into the LCN system and stored in the modules. So, when the source file for the parametrization gets lost, it is not a problem. LCN-PRO can retrieve all settings from the existing system, even after many years.

LCN-PRO is used for parametrization of the LCN system, to assign functions and activities to modules and user interfaces. LCN-GVS is the global visualisation for LCN. With LCN-GVS a graphical user interface for the LCN system is built, where any web browser can be used to control and maintain your LCN installation. This way, the LCN system is reachable from any point in the Internet, of course encrypted and protected. Additionally, the LCN-GVS manages biometrical and other data for access control without limits, realizes timers, calendars and many more functions to run an LCN installation highly automated and convenient. An App for iOS® und Android®, free of charge, optimizes graphical representation and data traffic for slow connections.