Analogue output converter: 230 V/0-10 V for flush-mounting

The LCN-AO1R transforms the dimmed phase of the LCN-UPP immediately into an analogue 0-10 V or 1-10 V control signal. In addition it provides a 230 V output for supplying electrical ballasts.


The LCN-AO1R is mainly used for for controlling dimmable electrical ballasts with a 0-10 V signal. Additionally, the LCN-AO1R has a 230 V relay output which always activates when the 0-10 V output is not 0. The LCN-AO1R can control devices with a 0-10 V signal such as frequency converters, actuators for ventilation dampers or heating valve actuators.


Input for dimmed phase

One output 0-10 V

One relay output 230 V/8 A

Status display

Product guide