Dual analogue to digital converter for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-AD2 is a dual analog to digital converter with a 12 Bit resolution for the I-port connection.


The LCN-AD2 is applied for the recognition of signals, for those that are not equipped with special sensors. for example sensors with very high temperatures, hygrometres, etc.  The LCN-AD2 can be applied universally, because its inputs can be adjusted by the LCN-PRO as follows:

  • Voltage: 0-10V
  • Electric current: 0(4)-20mA
  • Temperature: Pt100/Pt1000 (Platinum-temperature-sensors).

The measured values are entered into the module as R1 and R2 variables. They work optional on the five threshold values or on both regulators.


Analogue input

DIP-switch for a second LCN-AD2


Flat cable for I-port connection

Product guide