This product is discontinued and no longer available!


Active transponder system for wall mounting

The active reader LCN-ATW evaluates active transponders at a distance of up to 4m.
In its typical application, personnel who are to be detected carry active transponders around with them in different forms.
Simply by pressing a button on the transponder handset LCN-AT2, which is supplied, a range of up to 50 m can be achieved.


The LCN-ATW offers  access control at a greater distance which enables greater convenience than passive transponders. Doors can be opened fully automatically rendering conventional keys superfluous. In comparison to other keyless entry systems such as finger-print sensors etc., the active transponder is entirely hands-free. The LCN-ATW can be extended and used as a tracking system, registering the exact location of personnel. The transponders are available in different shapes and sizes including buttons for remote control functions which can be used in hotels for example. In such an instance, hotel guests can call the waiter using their room key whilst also transmitting their name and table number in one fell swoop.


Active reading device (IP67) with antenna in cover

Including LCN-SHS +LCN-NH24 +LCN-IVH

LCN-AT2 Hand-held transponder transmitter with two buttons.

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