Low voltage actuator (0-10 V) for heating and air-conditioning

The LCN-AVC is a thermoelectric actuator with electronic path measurement for radiator valves.  All LCN actuators are normally closed (NC). The actuating mechanism works with a PTC heated expansion element and a compression spring. When the operating voltage is applied, the expansion element heats up causing the  integrated tappet to move. The force generated by this movement is transferred to the valve tappet and opens or closes the valve. The actuator LCN-AVN with 0-10 V control is deployed when several radiators  in a large room are to be controlled by the same controller. Every actuator measures its valve ensuring that heat output is evenly distributed amongst all of the radiators during parallel operation- regardless of  the valve characteristics. Up to five actuators can be operated in parallel per 0 -10 V output on a LCN-HU.


Pre-installed actuator with connection cable  (3 x 0.22 mm² with ferules, length: 1 m)

Universal adapter  VA 80

Optional: valve adapter VA 78 (Danfoss RA, 23 mm inside diameter), valve adapter VA 16H (Herz, 28 mm x 1.5)

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