Main voltage actuator (230 V) for heating and air-conditioning

The LCN-AVN is a thermoelectric actuator for radiator valves.  It can be connected to valves of various manufacturers by means of an adapter. The actuator is intended for operation on LCN bus modules datingfrom 04/2008. All  LCN actuators are normally closed (NC). The actuating mechanism works with a PTC heated expansion element and a compression spring. When the operating voltage is applied, the expansion element heats up causing the  integrated tappet to move. The force generated by this movement is transferred to the valve tappet and opens or closes the valve. The LCN-AVN has a marking on the tappet which indicates the opening width. The LCN-AVN is supplied in first-open-position, so that it is normally open (NO). This enables the building being heated during the construction phase and when the electrical wiring for single room controls have not yet been completed. By switching on the operating voltage (for longer than 6 min.) the first open function is automatically unlocked and the actuator is fully functional (normally closed NC). The actuator clips onto the valve adapter. By pressing the perspex access cover, it can be taken off again. The perspex access cover can be easily removed, so that the actuator is safeguarded against being unlocked.


Pre-installed actuator with connection cable (2 x 0.75 mm² with ferrules, length: 1 m)

Universal adapter VA 80

Optional: valve adapter VA 78 (Danfoss RA, 23 mm inner diameter), valve adapter VA 16H (Herz, 28 mm x 1.5)

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