Three-way digital input for the I-Port

The LCN-B3I is a miniaturized digital sensor for up to three potential-free contacts.  It provides a   sense voltage of 5 V. It has its own processor and sends information to the I-Port of the LCN-UPP, LCN-UP24, LCN-SH, LCN-HU or LCN-LD modules.


Due to its compact form the LCN-B3I can be used in many places in the building.

It integrates up to three permanent dry contacts onto the LCN system. These can be reed contacts, limit switches or other signal contacts. With these, windows, doors and smoke detectors can be integrated into the LCN system and reported upon. Each digital input recognises the two states  ON/OFF. The hold- command is carried out when the contact is closed; on opening the contact the release- command is carried out. An LCN module with a binary sensor automatically sends status messages along the bus without the need for programming this in the LCN module.

Hardware equipment:

Three digital inputs + sense voltage

Ribbon cable with plug for the I-Port connection

Product guide