Three-way digital input with power supply for flush-mounting

The LCN-B3IN evaluates up to three permanent dry contacts. It provides an internal sense voltage for this purpose.  It also provides power (5 V/12 V) to external sensors. With its connecting cables the LCN-B3IN connects to the I-Port of intelligent bus modules such as the LCN-HU, LCN-SH, LCN-UPP, LCN-UP24 or LCN-UPS.


The LCN-B3IN connects up to three permanent digital contacts into the LCN system.  These can be reed contacts, limit switches or other signal contacts. With these, things such as windows, doors and smoke detectors can be integrated into the LCN system and reported upon. The LCN-B3IN has an internal power supply for use with sensors such as light barriers, hall sensors in shutter drives or the electronic evaluation of block locks.

Hardware equipment:

Three digital inputs + sense voltage

Power supply 5 V/12 V for sensors which require an external supply

Jumper for setting ‘active, low or high’

Ribbon cable with plug for I – Port connection

I-Port socket for further I-Port connectors

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