Digital four-channel current sensor for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-BS4 is a four-channel digital current sensor for the LCN system.  Inputs 1 and 2 can be used for AC motor positioning with limit switches.


The LCN-BS4 is connected to the P-Port of intelligent bus modules such as the  LCN-HU, LCN-SH or LCN-LD. Upon exceeding the upper current limit the ‘hold’ command is triggered by the bus module; when falling below this limit a ‘release’ command is triggered. LCN modules with binary sensors automatically send status messages to the intelligent bus module; there is no need to set parameters.


Four digital monitored current paths 16 A

Four current paths for motor positioning

Cable with plug for P-Port connection

P-Port socket  for optional connection of relay block

Four status LEDs

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