Push button converter or four-way binary input  for the I-port

The LCN-BT4H is either used as four-way binary sensor or as key signal converter for mains voltage (230 V AC) for all LCN-modules from version 17 (2013). The four inputs of the LCN-BT4H evaluate any phase position signals against N.


In its role as key converter conventional buttons can be evaluated. As a binary sensor can for example timer or window contacts (occupancy sensors) be evaluated. The inputs are galvanically isolated from the I-port. In its function as key converter the commands short, long and loose are triggered in the A-table, in its function as binary sensor the commands long and loose are triggered in the B-table. By DIP-switch the LCN-BT4H can be switched from key converter to binary sensor.


Four binary inputs



Ribbon cable with I-port connector

Four status LEDs

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