EnOcean® wireless gateway for flush-mounting

The LCN-EGR is an EnOcean gateway to operate with EnOcean inputs, outputs and sensors. It must be connected  via the I-port to an intelligent bus module upto firmware 190 512 (Mai 2015). It is possible to connect EnOcean smoke detectors, switches, binary sensors (window contacts), temperature sensors and relays and dimming outputs to operate or control.


The LCN-EGR communicates with the connected components via the EnOcean wireless protocol. This protocol is in addition to the products of Eltako (Eltako Wireless Building), also a large number of EnOcean-enabled products support too. The EnOcean gateway is made for the subsequent connection of various devices, such as temperature and brightness sensors, switches and window contacts. The LCN-EGR is designed for use with the LCN-UPP, LCN-UPS or LCN-UP24 modules but can also used with LCN-HU, LCN-SH, LCN-SHS and LCN-LD.

Hardware equipment:


I-port cable

Recommended EnOcean Hardware:


FBH63TF (motion, light, temperature and humidity sensor)
FRW (smoke detector)
FUD70 (dimm)
FUD71 (dimm)
FSSA – 230V (radio outlet)
FSR61NP (impulse relays)
FSR70W (relay)
FCO2TF65 (sensor CO2, temperature , … )
FSB61NP (shading and blinds)
FKS – E (small actuator)
FSR14-2x to FAM14 (2 – channel)
FUD14 to FAM – 14 (dimmer RS485)

Hoppe – window handle 0530 / US952 / FK – 410

Kieback & Peter – MD15 – FTL (wireless small HE actuator)

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