Glas presence detector and light sensor

The LCN-GBL is a presence detector with integrated light sensor for surface mounting in LCN-GT series design. The presence detector works according to the passive infrared principle. It registers changes to the thermal radiation of a (human) body.


The light sensor is used to register the brightness in rooms. The measured value can be used for constant light control in order to achieve ideal lighting conditions with simultaneous energy saving. The brightness value can be used to control the shading system. The presence/motion detector identifies the motion of persons and objects by their thermal radiation. It can be used, optionally with the integrated light sensor, to switch lightings and for alarm functions in the building security area. The integrated light sensor covers a very large measurement range of five decades (1 to 100,000 lux).

The LCN-GBL can be combined with any I port peripheral equipment at the I port of all intelligent LCN modules (-UPP, -UPS, -UP24, -SH, -SHS, -HU, -LD). The LCN-GBL can take effect on the R1 and R2 controllers as well as the signal thresholds 1-5. Measured values can be exchanged between LCN modules and used for arithmetic operations. A humidity sensor (LCN-EFS), which can be subsequent installed, is optionally available for the LCN-GRT. The LCN-EFS supplies humidity and dew point values.


Presence detector

Light sensor

Installation space for LCN-EFS (option)

Housing for wall and ceiling mounting

Cable with plug for I port

Screw terminal for connection via I-Y(St)Y (saves one LCN-IV)

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