Fingerprint sensor in GT design

The LCN-GFPS is a fingerprint sensor for the I-port of any LCN module with version 190512 (Mai 2015). The LCN-GFPS scans fingerprints and transfers an assigned code over the LCN bus.


The LCN-GFPS can be used for all types of access control. Besides automatic opening and closing of doors, gates and windows, the alarm systems can be also activated or deactivated. Using the LCN-GFPS you may combine the access control with switching the light in the office. A Corona® surrounding light with 16 white LEDs serves as a decorative accent lighting and as a discreet orientation light, so that the LCN-GFPS can be comfortably operated even with a low environmental light.



LCN-NUI power supply unit

I-port and mounting plate

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