Temperature sensor and IR receiver in GT glass design

The LCN-GRT is a temperature sensor and IR receiver for surface mounting in LCN-GT series design. In combination with the integrated logic, the digital temperature sensor supplies almost noiseless measured values, which it transmits to the connected LCN module (Firmware 160A…) via the I-port.


The LCN-GRT is used for the measurement of room temperatures and the integration of the LCN-RT remote control. It can be linked to additional sensors on the LCN bus in order to implement an energy-efficient and user-friendly control system for individual rooms, heating, air conditioning and ventilation. The integrated LCN-RR IR receiver allows the LCN-GRT to process the signals of LCN remote controls. It can receive and forward up to 48 commands, 16 million access codes and 3333 key codes.
The LCN-GRT can be combined with any I-port peripheral equipment at the I-port of all intelligent LCN modules (-UPP, -UPS, -UP24, -SH, -SHS, -HU, -LD). The LCN-GRT can take effect on the R1 and R2 controllers as well as the signal thresholds 1-5.
Measured values can be exchanged between LCN modules and used for arithmetic operations.

Hardware equipment:

Temperature sensor

Infrared receiver

Housing for wall and ceiling mounting

Cable with plug for I port

Screw terminal for connection via I-Y(St)Y

Product guide