Transponder-reader with two capacitive sensor keys and Corona® light

The LCN-GT2T combines a Nearfield Communication (NFC) transponder reader for reading chip cards, a glass keypad with two sensor surfaces and an infrared receiver. The reader supports NFC transponders of type ISO14443-A (Mifare/Legic) and ISO15693 (Legic). The keys behind a sturdy glass plate provide the usual short, long and batch signals in the LCN system, depending on the type of actuation. This allows a door bell to be operated or light to be switched on. The sensor surfaces are individually labelled with foil. One red LED per key signals any status in the system as On, Flashing or Flickering. The LCN-RT remote control can be used to trigger up to twelve additional functions via the equally integrated infrared receiver. For security reasons, it transmits a code defined by the user and its serial number for identification purposes. As with the LCN-GT glass keypads, the dimmable Corona® light ring is used for decorative wall lighting and as a discreet orientation light.



    • Size: 90 mm x 90 mm
    • Colour: white, black, champagne


    • Size: 75 mm x 75 mm
    • Colour: white, black, champagne

ields of application:

    • As NFC transponder for identification and access control
    • Two buttons for door bells or for other functions
    • Up to twelve additional functions in the Local Control Network can be triggered via IR remote control LCN-RT
    • Can be used indoors and outdoors, flush-mounted box mounting
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