LCN-GT3L (discontinued)

Slim glass touch keypad with three capacitive keys and Corona® light

The LCN-GT3L is a sensor-touch-keypad. It is positioned on a light outlet box by means of a mounting frame. It can be connected to the I-port of any LCN module. A Power supply is provided via the power supply unit LCN-NUI (included in delivery scope).


The three capacitively reacting sensor surfaces are arranged behind a 5 mm thick glass front. Symbol-LEDs on each of the three sensor surfaces trigger an optical feedback (green light) at touch. Two red status-LEDs are built in into the sensor surfaces additionally. Additionally the LCN-GT3L provides 12 white LEDs as a corona light for accent lighting of the adjacent wall. Each corner of the sensor surfaces is backlit by blue LEDs (button LEDs). All LEDs as well as the corona light can be addressed and adjusted individually which helps operating the LCN-GT3L under a low surrounding light level. The build in remote control receiver (LCN-RR) reacts to all LCN-coded IR-remote controls.


The LCN-GT3L is designed for mounting in interior dry rooms. It can be used for every switch, regular and operational tasks within the LCN bus system. It is especially suited for the design oriented user who demands high performance and comfort.



  • Size:     50 x 300 mm

Colours: white LCN-GT3LW, black LCN-GT3LB, silver mirror LCN-GT3LS

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