Elegant glass keypad with six keys, Corona® light, temperature measurement and IR remote control

The LCN-GT6L is an elegant sensor keypad with particularly conveniently operable keys, optionally also with slide control function. It also has a temperature sensor. It is mounted and anchored on a lamp outlet box by means of a mounting plate. It occupies the I connection of any LCN module. Corona light, key illumination and brighter LEDs are optionally available with the LCN-NUI.

The capacitively operating sensor surfaces are arranged behind a 5 mm thick glass front. The sensor surfaces of the LCN-GT6L react capacitively to contact with the glass surface. Depending on the duration of contact a corresponding LCN control command short, long or batch is sent. The LCN-GT6L offers three sensor fields in a new, innovative design, each of which can be parameterised in three function modes.

  1. Large button area. Thanks to a height of eight cm, large keys offer particularly convenient operation. Even for people with movement restrictions.
  2. Two buttons, this setting is helpful when many functions are to be parameterised. The buttons are still very high at just under four centimeters.
  3. The slider is particularly suitable for dimming: By tapping anywhere on the button, the desired brightness can be set directly.

Two red status LEDs are also integrated for each sensor surface. Individual labelling of the sensor surfaces can be transferred to paper or foil and placed behind the glass surface. This inscription can be exchanged at any time, so that changes in the key assignment are no problem. Optionally in operation with the LCN-NUI the LCN-GT6L also offers a Corona light ring for wall illumination and a white key backlight. The individual sensor surfaces are backlit in white. All LEDs, as well as the corona LEDs, can be can be controlled. The integrated remote control receiver (LCN-RR) reacts to LCN-coded IR remote controls.

Fields of application:

  • The LCN-GT6L is intended for mounting in dry indoor rooms
  • It can be used for all switching, regulation and control tasks in the LCN bus
  • It is particularly suitable for design-oriented users with the highest demands on function and comfort



  • Size: 50 mm x 300 mm
  • Colours: black, champagne and white
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