Glass touch keypad with eight keys, bargraph and temperature sensor

The LCN-GT8 is a sensor-touch panel with a bargraph display. It is connected to the mounting panel and a standard double flush mounted wall-box and firmly fixed with 2 sliding hooks. It connects to the T-port of any LCN Moduls as of version 1706…The integrated temperature sensor supplies the measured values with a triggering from 0,1°C, and thanks to its adaptive average calculation, practically noiseless. The eight capacitive working sensor surfaces are located behind a 5mm (3mm) glass front. A light touch of the glass front is all that is needed to trigger the different functions. A status LED which is integrated in every sensor reports on the current status of any actuator or sensor in the building with 4 indicator modes.

®Corona – surrounding light with white LEDs, serves as a decorative wall light (LCN-NUI required) and can be switched as a decent orientation light, so that the LCN-GT8 (LCN-GTS8) can also be operated in darkness. An external power supply is needed when operating the key background LED´s and the ®Corona -surrounding light. Please order the LCN-NUI separately. The individual labels for the LCN-GT8 are printed on foil/membrane or paper, and fitted behind the glass front through a small slot. The labelling can be changed at anytime so that changes to the key functions do not create a problem. Easy to understand symbols and templates come delivered with the LCN-GT8.



  • size: 90 x 90 mm
  • Colours: black, white and champagne


  • Size: 75 x 75 mm
  • Colour: black, white and champagne


  • The LCN-GT8 is for mounting in interior dry rooms. It can be used for every switch, regulator and control function within the LCN bus system.
  • The integrated temperature sensor allows the user to control the temperature.
  • It is especially suited to the design orientated user who demands high performance and comfort.
  • LCN-GT8W

  • LCN-GT8C

  • LCN-GT8B




Product guide
Label templates