Visualization server with LCN-GVS

The LCN-GVShome system is a central control unit for private homes. On this maintenance-free LCN-GVShome PC the LCN-GVS visualization software is already preinstalled. Using a web browser or a smartphone app a complete building can be controlled and visualized. The required Microsoft® Windows® software license is also included.

The visualization system for control and management of a building includes, in addition to standard functions in building automation, time switching functions, a central access control registering persons and an event reporting feature. This includes logical combinations plus date and time functions. Messages can be sent via email, SMS or other methods. The connection to the LCN bus is made with the LCN-PKU coupler. Using a router, the PC may be connected via RJ45 cable to a local area network.

Application areas
Visualization, monitoring and control of worldwide distributed very large properties
Visualization of smaller properties
Control and monitoring of energy efficiency of buildings and properties with data recorders
Access control with person identification for all buildings with central and decentral management of access rights
Automatic event monitoring on any desired criteria; the data recorder not only generates alarms, but also reacts on events
And many more functions and features

Software licence
The included licence allows control and visualization of up to 20 LCN modules. If more modules are installed in a building, the number of modules can be increased with an extension licence. This is also valid for other licenced options, for example time control functions.

The connection to the LCN bus happens via a LCN-PKU directly or with a LCN-PCHK connection. The most important benefit is then that the LCN-PRO and the LCN-GVS have parallel access to the bus. The connection to the LCN bus must be established before any tableau can be created. To create a tableau in LCN-GVS you will need the LCN-PRO project file.

LCN-GVShome includes licences for:
20 modules/4 tableaus
4 time switching functions
4 event reporting functions
4 access control functions
2 connections LCN-PCHK (1 x LCN-GVS, 1 x -PRO)

The system is recommendes for private homes with a maximum of 100 LCN modules, 20 persons/users, a maximum of 10 parallel connections to the LCN-GVS are possible (via web browser or app). The LCN-GVShome system must only be used for building automation with the LCN-GVS.

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