Four-channel LED dimmer for DIN rail mounting

This four-channel dimmer is designed for a simple and flexible control of LED´s with a constant voltage ( usually an LED strip). It connects to an LCN module with firmware 170 212 (Feb. 2013) or after,  on the I-port.

Fields of application:

The LCN-HL4+ can be connected to all intelligent LCN modules – preferably where the outputs are not being used for other purposes, e. g.  to the LCN-SHS. The brightness values  of the (virtual) electronic outputs 1-4, are transferred over the I-connection of the LCN-HL4+ . The LCN-HL4+  converts these values  into  a  PWM  signal  for LEDs. The LCN-HL4+ masters control of the LEDs  according to the HSB and RGB colour pattern. Colour saturation, brightness and colour value, can be controlled separately over the HSB colour pattern. The maximum power output via its four channels is 480 Watt in 24 V operation.

Note: The LCN-HL4+ requires parametrisation with the LCN-PRO 6.6.1 or higher.



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