24 V isolation amplifier for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-IS2/24 isolation amplifier is an LCN coupling module for the LCN bus system. It has connections for the 24V LCN bus and the LCN two-wire bus. As the module has no processor, setting of parameters through the system software is not necessary.

Field of application:

The LCN-IS2/24 isolates the data wire through opto couplers and so prevents any accidental energisation of connected devices.  As a rule, the LCN-IS2/24 is used to galvanically isolate a 24V LCN bus with no TN system.


Connections for the 24 V LCN bus

Connections for the LCN two-wire-bus

LED status display on the LCN-IS buffer amplifier for immediate diagnosis.

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