Isolation amplifier for DIN rail mounting


The LCN-IS2 isolation amplifier is an LCN coupler module for the LCN bus system. It has connections for the LCN BUS and the LCN two-wire bus. As the module has no processor, setting of parameters through the system software is not necessary.

Fields of application:

  • The isolation amplifier LCN-IS2 is used for signal amplification of the LCN BUS.
  • Each LCN-IS2 allows the connection of up to a max of 1 km with NYM cable. Additionally it provides galvanic separation between various installation circuits, ie. between circuits protected by RCD within an LCN segment.
  • Plus, it is necessary for the signal conversion and preparation of the LCN fibre optic couplers LCN-LLK and LCN-LLG respectively.


Connections for the LCN bus.

Connections for the LCN two-wire bus.

LED-status display on the LCN-IS2 buffer amplifier for immediate diagnosis.

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