I-Port extension for LCN

The LCN-IV is used for multiplying the I-Port connections on an intelligent bus module. This allows for several sensors to be connected to the module.


The LCN-IV is used for connecting more than one sensor to an intelligent bus module and for separating the sensors locally from the module. In this way for example, remote-control receivers, temperature sensors and a binary sensors can be decentrally installed together on site. In doing so, each room has its own functional unit (e.g. lighting, alarm system and temperature regulation). Additionally the LCN-IV allows sensors to be strategically placed which is useful when considering  such factors as heat radiated from lights, field of view etc.
By using the screw terminals, the LCN-IV can be coupled with a second  LCN-IV.  The IY(ST)Y 2x2x0.6mmØ is recommended as the supply cable which must not exceed a max. length of 50 m. Alternatively, the LCN-IV can be used as an impulse counting device for fast signals (max. 500 Hz, e.g. wind sensor).

Hardware equipment:

Cable with plug for the I-Port connection

Two spare I-Port sockets for connecting further peripherals

Screw terminals for cable up to 2 x 0.6 mm Ø or 1 x 0.8 mmØ

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