Adapter for I-port extension/duplication for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-IVH is used for expanding the I-port connections on an intelligent bus module, so several sensors can be operated by one intelligent module.


Serving as either an extension for the I-Port connector or as an adapter for further I-Port connections, the LCN-IVH has no active function. When used as an impulse counter it provides the module with its counter value. This can then be evaluated via the switching threshold. By using the screw terminals the port can be extended up to 50m using the IY(ST)Y 2x2x0.6 cable. Alternatively, the LCN-IVH can be used as an impulse- counting device for fast signals (max. 500Hz, e.g. wind sensor).


The LCN-IVH is used for extending and splitting the I-Port connection so that sensors for the I-Port (e.g temp sensor, remoter control receiver) can be decentrally installed.

Hardware equipment:

One I-Port connection cable

One I-Port connection for further peripherals

Screw terminals for connection extension

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