Light sensor for outdoor application

The LCN-LSA is a light sensor for applications outside the building. It can be used with all modules since version 120C05. The sensor detects a very wide range of light in five decades, from 1 to 100,000 Lux.


  • LCN-LSA delects light in outdoor applications for control of interior and exterior lighting. So complex regulations are possible for lighting and shading scenarios.
  • The LCN-LSA may be combined with other I-Port peripherals and can be used with all bus modules like LCN-UPP, -UPS, -UP24, -SH, SHS, -HU or -LD.
  • The LCN-LSA can work on regulators or on thresholds. The measured values can be exchanged between modules and can be used for math calculations.
  • The IP65 housing of the sensor is weather-proof.
Product guide