Electromechanical quadruple pushbutton in 55 mm format

The LCN-MT4 is a mechanical quadruple pushbutton in 55 mm format for direct connection to LCN modules via the I-port. It allows all control functions in the Local Control Network with a very good price/performance ratio. The integrated infrared receiver also allows control by LCN remote controls such as the LCN-RT. Each of the four keys has a status LED as well as a flat, adjustable key backlight and can be labeled individually. Depending on the operation, it sends one of the LCN control commands SHORT, LONG or LOS, and the four red key LEDs can be individually programmed for this purpose, i. e. as On, Off, Flashing or Flickering. The LCN-MT4 allows system states to be signalled in accordance with industry standards. Built into the LCN frame LCN-G55 or -GS55, the push-button illuminates the rear wall with its Corona® light for better orientation and greater contrast.

Field of application:

  • The LCN-MT4 is designed for dry indoor installation.
  • It can be used for all switching, regulation and control tasks in the LCN bus
  • It is suitable for all 55 mm frames, with the LCN-G55 and -GS55 frame the Corona light can be used.
Product handbook