Power supply for GT series, DIN rail mounting

LCN-NIH is a power supply unit for DIN rail mounting. It supplies LCN-GT-keypads via the I-port.


LCN-NIH is a power supply to supply the LCN-GT glass touch-keypads with power and operated on the T- and I-port. thanks to the looped through I-port, he can be simply looped into the I-connection cable and supply the modules over this cable. As a power supply he has enough power to supply all possible I-port components of intelligent LCN-modules. When using the power supply, the blue key background light and especially the Corona surround lights are available on the LCN-GT glass touch-keypads.


1 x I-Port connection cable

1 x I-Port connection for further peripherals

2 x screw terminals for cables up to 2 x 0.6 mm Ø or 1 x 0.8 mm Ø

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