TCP/IP coupling software

LCN-PCHK is used for connecting a LCN-system with ethernet/internet. This way programs like LCN-PRO or the visualisation software LCN-GVS can access the LCN-bus internally or via the internet. LCN-PCHK integrates two interfaces:

– RS232 (for connection with the LCN-bus)

– TCP/IP (for connection with an ethernet-network)


With the couple software LCN-PCHK a TCP/IP coupling between  the LCN bus and the LCN software is realized. Likewise the software is used for coupling the LCN bus to 3rd party systems. These can be e.g: 3rd party visualisation systems, management systems, HVAC control or fire alarm systems. With LCN-PCHK it is possible to access the LCN-bus with various programs whereas only one LCN-PKU coupler is needed. One connection is included in the full version, extra connections are available as an upgrade.

LCN-PCHK supports two protocols:

– the internal mode for LCN-PRO and LCN-GVS

– the PCK-modus, which allows 3rd party software to control the LCN-bus and provides them automatically with all status reports. The PCK-documentation can be obtained free of charge upon request.

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