Ethernet coupler module for the LCB bus

The LCN-PKE coupler establishes a connection with the LCN bus directly via Ethernet with RJ45 interface or via the LCN-PKE available WLAN interface. The LCN-PKE allows the use of the integrated PCHK software two simultaneous connections to the LCN bus, so that LCN-GVS and LCN-PRO parallel access to the bus. The Windows program PCHK Monitor can be used for the following purposes further configuration and monitoring of the LCN-PKE. The coupler supports two protocols. On the one hand, the standard mode for parameterization and remote maintenance with the LCN-PRO and for visualization with LCN-GVS. Third party systems use functions in LCN modules with the additional PCK protocol. The documentation for this protocol OEM partners can request and call functions in LCN modules with their own software.

Field of application:

  • In LCN systems, the LCN-PKE serves as system access for laptops and PCs. This access is used by the installer to parameterise the LCN system.
  • As connection of the visualization on the PC. The LCN-GVS system software enables direct and bidirectional data exchange between LCN system states and changes as well as direct control commands from the visualization PC.
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