Coupler module for connection to PC for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-PKU (PC coupler) is a passive coupling module for the LCN bus system.  It comes with an USB connector for connection to a PC and connects to the LCN bus. As the module has no processor, setting of parameters through the system software is not necessary.

Field of application:

  • The LCN-PKU serves as the access point to LCN modules via a laptop or a PC.
  • Through this connection the system technician can set the parameters of the individual modules.
  • A further application is the connection of the LCN visualisation system to the PC. Using the system software LCN-GVS (and add on modules) enables the direct and bi-directional transfer of data between the LCN systems operational stati, whilst allowing modifications and control commands from the visualisation PC to proceed.

Furthermore, the PC coupler serves as a gateway for connection to other systems.  This allows for system specific devices such as smoke detectors and/or management software such as software for connection to AMX/DMX, ASCII, MOD-BUS, OPC and others to be coupled into the LCN system.


USB connection

Connection to LCN bus

Visual display of operating status

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