One-pole 16 A changeover relay

The LCN-R1U is a relay without its own processor for flush wall mounting with a potential free contact for connecting to an LCN-UPP, LCN-UP24 or LCN-UPS. Usage on every LCN module with a T-Port connection is possible.


With this relay module, the user is provided with an additional switch contact for each LCN-UPP.  This can especially be used for electrical socket switching or for regulating heater control drives. As well as this, two of the LCN-UPP electronic outputs still remain available for use.


One changover contact contact  230 V 16 A (AC1)

Cable with plug for the T-Port connection to intelligent bus modules such as the LCN-UPP or LCN-UPS

T-Port socket for further connection of T-Port peripheries

Status LED

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