Relay module for four motors for DIN rail mounting

The LCN-R4M2H is a relay block for controlling up to eight motors (4 x two motors parallel) for the LCN Bus system. It must be connected to  an intelligent bus module such as the LCN-SH, LCN-HU or LCN-LD. The contacts are pre-wired and connected to quick connectors making it simple to connect and control 230 V motors. 


The LCN-R4M2H relay block is used to control up to eight 230 V motor drives enabling control of four motor pairs in parallel.  It is designed for use with solar shading systems such as shutter control.  Used in conjunction with binary sensors (LCN-B8x and LCN-BS4), it enables accurate position control. 


Eight relays for load switching with dry contacts (N.O and N.C) pre- wired for use with motors at  250 V/8 A

1800 VA  switching  capacity; max. 3600 VA circuit power

Cable with plug for P-Port connection to the intelligent bus module

Replacable relays 

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